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Нововведение этого года, место для эксперимента и космического звучания. Нам поможет его организовать друг из Румынии — Чиприан, и целая группа музыкантов из этой и других дружественных стран создадут общую атмосферу

Dance Temple Line up:

1. Latam — [Psy Trance] — Thrancians Romania DJ Latam first played music at a party in 2004 in circumstances rather unexpected and unplanned. Back then he was almost entirely dedicated to goa psytrance, listening for some time to this genre, and partially to progressive (either trance or house). After a few years of practice and accumulating enough knowledge about what DJing means, plus encouraged by things going constantly up, he decided to give up all other business and devote himself to music and parties. He started to experiment and gradually go deeper into other sub-genres of electronic music, playing in parallel for a few years psychedelic, trance, techno, electro, house or chillout, in various forms, before deciding to start a new project called Blooni specially for techno, house and electronica and keep Latam just for psytrance. His style is groovy, acidic and hypnotic but always psychedelic and can vary depending on the party profile, audience, location, line-up and hour of playing between a harder sound and a more deeper one. He appreciates DJs and producers who prove originality, innovate and have the courage to experiment, who change themselves and influence the others. Besides DJ-ing, he is involved in organizing and promoting events and artists through Thrancians project, Unda and Spacesheep associations, being also a co-organizer of Waha and Rebirth festivals which featured artists like Juno Reactor, Lyctum, Atma, Aioaska, Megalopsy, Suduaya, E-Mantra, Aphid Moon, Loopus In Fabula, Atriohm, Kino Oko, DJane Gaby, DJ Boom Shankar & many more. He also had his own show called Oscillator on Radio Deea, the first romanian radio totally electronic music dedicated and still an important one. http://facebook.com/djlatamhttp://mixcloud.com/djlatamhttp://soundcloud.com/djlatam

2. Dimitrip — [Glitch — Funk] — Spacesheep Romania

3. Darkology — [Psy Trance] — MFG Tribe Romania Alin was born under the astral sign of Scorpio, at the end of 1992’s Autumn, on 11 November in Bucharest Romania. Darkology project came up as concept a few years ago, somewhere around 2008, when he first meet Psychedelic and Goa sounds, he was impressed by projects and artists like Astral Projection, 1200 Mics, Goa Gil, Archaic, Ajja. After that, began a period in which time he asimilated the genere and around September 2009 this project started to get shape with MfG Tribes events in Bucharests Clubs and Return to GOA Festival in 2010. From that moment, things started to get togheter as a whole. Darkology is just a part of the activity that Alin is having on Sounds Realm, that of DJing, but he is also working as producer in Psychedelic Trance and Chill Out area, under the name of Saranankara. Side Projects: Acid Connector (Proggy-Full On), Amphep Ram On (NewAge Hip-Hop) Trough these years he played in cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Iasi, Cluj, Piatra Neamt for numerous times and also at a few outdoor parties and annual festivals like Waha and Transylvania Calling. As a DJ he is playing: Psychedelic, Night Full ON , Twisted 140 -> 155 BPM http://www.mixcloud.com/darkology9/

4. Zano — [Dub Chill Trip Hop] — Moldova https://soundcloud.com/mukamolla/zano-live-deep-house-set-track

5. Abstract Optim ca H2Opt — [Future Folk] — Moldova https://h2opt.bandcamp.com/

6. CipCirip — [Zenonesque] / [PsyChill Dub] — Romania

7. Sun Rebel — [PsyChill Dub] — Moldova

Dance Temple
Psychedelic Music Stage
Program / Schedule

Пятница / Vineri / Friday:
21-22 Sun Rebel
22-23 Zano [Live]
23-01 Abstract Optim [Future Folk Set]

Суббота / Sambata / Saturday:
01-03 Latam [Psy Trance Set]
03-14 Pauza / Break
14-16 Latam [Psy Trance Set]
16-17 Sun Rebel [Psy Chill Set]
17-19 CipCirip [Psy Chill Set]
19-20 Abstract Optim [Future Folk Set]
20-23 Dimitrip [Glitch-Funk Set]
23-01 CipCirip [Psy Trance Set]

Воскресенье / Duminica / Sunday:
01-03 Latam [Psy Trance Set]

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